Mami: My Grandmother's Journey by Rebeca Lau, book cover

About Rebeca Lau

Rebeca Lau, author of Mami: My Grandmother's Journey

I have had a very fortunate life. Rich memories of sights, smells, and sounds that bring a smile to my face are a testament to this.

I was born in a small southern Mexican town called Tapachula, Chiapas, and spent my first seventeen years in a house and family grocery store called Casa Lau learning and arguing, living and growing up in a Chinese family that consisted of Mami and Teti (my paternal grandparents), Mamita and Papito (my parents), tíos and tías (uncles and aunts), and two sisters. My extended family and support system was large and comprised store employees, customers, neighbours, Chinese and Mexican friends, a close-knit Chinese community, and basically an entire town where most people knew and cared about each other.

After I left Casa Lau, I finished high school in Delaware, headed to Wisconsin, and eventually graduated from university in Las Vegas. University graduation coincided with my parents' relocation from Tapachula to Vancouver, Canada, where I currently live. My journey has taken me to various parts of Canada, Thailand, South America, and parts of Europe. I have also worked briefly in Hong Kong and lived in Niigata, Japan, for three years. I currently work at the University of British Columbia. Mami: My Grandmother's Journey has allowed me to venture writing and publishing a book, which is a whole new exciting experience.